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Zeta is a 35 years old trading company that till recently, was catering only to the Printing industry. Zeta first made a mark selling Indian made small offset machines. Swift small offset machines took off with the advent of the DTP revolution. Zeta took care of issues that came up by giving excellent service support and carrying substantial stocks of spare parts.
For most letterpress printers, Swift was their first offset machine. So along with installation, Zeta taught the printer how to work with litho-offset, a difficult to understand technology. By the year 2000, Zeta had an installed base of over 800 machines in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. 
The opening up of import of second-hand machines, killed Indian manufacturers. The cost of the 'Bill of Materials' to make a new machine in India is more than double the price of a second-hand machine. 

 Zeta's first foreign principal, Printing Technology Services Inc., Florida, USA , www.printingtechnology.net make a high end Variable Data Printing solutions that are retro-fitted on web-fed offset and flexo machines, and on specially designed sheet feeders.  Recently, Zeta has itself become a System Integrator as an OEM partner of inc.jet Inc., Connecticut, USA.  http://www.incjet.com/php/  The TezJet Series 350 is the best TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) solution in the Indian market for printing barcodes and any kind of variable data. The rugged versatile software that comes with the TezJet 350 has pixel level software stitching, excellent error diagnostics and features required for high speed printing up to 190 metres/minute (675 fpm).
Two years ago. Zeta was appointed Distributor by HELIOS Software GmbH, Germany http://www.helios.de/start.html with a mandate to identify and appoint Resellers. HELIOS, a 24 years old pre-press software company has evolved and now offers a Universal File Server and WebShare, a package to improve productivity of teams working with files. 

We can design and build a custom inkjet printing system for your specific application. All of our products are designed for the production environment, and with operational ease, safety, and international code compliance.

We provide the inks and consumables for all of our inkjet printing systems. We offer water-based inks, UV curable inks, color inks, fluorescent inks, invisible inks, and other speciality inks. We also offer bulk ink packaging for most inks, thereby lowering the overall ink costs.

HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 is a Turnkey software solution to provide Server and data centre capabilities at very low cost to Small, Medium and large industries.   

We provide variable data printing solutions for the commercial printing industry. We offer a complete range of inkjet printing systems using both water-based and UV curable inks. We also offer image verification systems, dryers, and transport systems.



Solution Providing for Variable Data Printing

Feature's of HELIOS UFS UB64

Remote File access with high security

Remote Team Collaboration

Automated Backup

Cross-Platform Connectivity

No File Size Limitation on Upload/Download

Controlled Two-Way File Syncing  

Notification on any activity

Integration enabled with other applications

OS Integration 

​IT Infrastructure monitoring with push notification

Sync can be set of HELIOS Volumes as 2nd copy 

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